Spa Menu Prices for 2018



SPA FACIALS START AT $35 – I customize my spa facials to meet your needs, all of my clients receive thorough skin evaluations and targeted treatment options 

MICRODERMABRASION  $30 – This signature treatment is great for any skin type and is an economical way to keep your skin deeply exfoliated and healthy all year round leaving it beautiful, smooth and clear.

MICRONEEDLING $75 – Collagen Induction Therapy is an intensive treatment that literally reverses dark spots and scars by breaking up pigment and causing new skin to grow.

DERMAPLAINING $25 – This unique service removes unwanted facial hair and dead skin cells resulting in a flawless smooth complexion and better product penetration.

CHEMICAL PEELS $40 – All peels are natural and made with pure plant stem cells. Regular peels help reverse the aging process by boosting cell turn over rates. The results are stunning especially when combined with other treatments!



Before and After Photo of Skin Transformation

55C08FB8-5F2C-4660-9E47-372F4D36484CThis client has received four treatments over a six month period. Each of her four  treatments included ;

A microdermabrasion

A microneedling

A chemical peel

The photo is untouched and absolutely no make up was used in either photo.

If your skin care goals include an even tone and texture , make an appointment for this results driven service!





Bring Beautiful Back in 2018!

Winter can be unkind to your skin. Whether you have dry skin , oily or a little of both, this time of year requires a change in protocol.

To combat all the different ways in which artificial heating sources can dry and confuse the skin,  I recommend a monthly spa facial with extractions and deep massage.

Steam and hot towels combined with aromatherapy and professional products rebalance and nourish your delicate facial  skin.

Now through March at Parkside, enjoy a customized spa facial for only $40.

This treatment includes a double cleanse , exfoliatation, steam , massage extractions and a masque.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, taking care of  your facial area will purge toxins and facial steam helps clear sinuses. Stop neglecting yourself  and start feeling balanced and beautiful this year!

Microneedling Update

I have been microneedling my own face for one year and have completed twelve treatments.

The results have been astounding especially around my mouth , eyes and in between my  eyebrows.

The tone and texture of my skin have dramatically changed. My skin was rough, dry and covered in malasma ( large brown spots ) that left me looking older than I felt.

Over the course of the year,  I’ve been able to remove stubborn sun spots and hardened keratin deposits.

I feel so much more confident and I want to help you feel that way too.

Contact me for special pricing on microneedling packages designed to deliver results !159A1D6D-2BF0-42AE-A81F-0DDBCEE2FF1A

Skin Care To Go

When I’m on the road, I don’t like to neglect my skin care and health. I also don’t like to compromise on convenience while I travel. Having too many items in your bags is burdensome so narrowing down your must haves is important.

Here are my must haves and they each play an important role:

LAVENDER-Always along for the ride this oil keeps me calm while I’m rushing through the airports.

MELALUCA-This power player takes a place in my bag because it keeps my skin clear and bacteria free. If I’m on an extra long trip, I’ll dab some under my arms to keep me feeling clean.

BREATHE-I have respitory issues and allergies galore so this oil goes a long way in keeping my symptoms under control. I hate taking decongestants , they make me feel disconnected, so this oil is my best friend!

DIGESTZEN-I’m one of those girls that LOVES coffee, however, my tummy does not and since I’m not a quitter, coffee stays. I’ve improved my diet, and my yoga game but my stomach needs extra support so this blended oil is part of my daily health routine at home and on the road.

Last but not least, I pack my fractionated coconut oil and my plant based estrogen supplements. The coconut oil I use as my all over skin conditioner and carrier oil. The supplements help support hormone balance and mood.