Cinnamon Bark Oil for Winter Survival

Cinnamon oil has a rich scent, that’s for sure. It is a warming oil and when diluted and added to a foot rub you are soothing your tired feet and benefiting your entire system. It’s no wonder that throughout history this herb has been prized as medicinal and culinary.

The Cinnamon tree is native to Sri Lanka and the oil itself can be distilled from the bark or the leaves. There are different opinions as to whether the bark or leaf is better. I am of the opinion that the bark is where it’s at. That’s because the beneficial properties in the plant have been shown to be in higher concentration within the bark.

This particular herb has many useful qualities that benefit the human body. Along with its known antibacterial properties, it is antifungal, anti-inflammatory and an air purifier to name just a few. Cinnamon has been used throughout history as an aphrodisiac, digestive aid, anti-depressant and as a first aid tonic. Our ancestors were definitely on to something because this oil fights disease both viral and bacterial and testing has yet to reveal a fungus that is able to survive in its presence.

Cinnamon oil enhances the effect of other oils so it is

great for diffuser blends. My favorite wintertime blend:

 3 drops cinnamon bark, 3 drops wild orange, 2 drops clove

This blend will boost air quality and fight germs, boost immune system function and support emotional balance. This ancient oil increases circulation and enhances mood and has an ubiquitous character that blends with all citrus oils, frankincense, lavender and rosemary.

Be sure to enjoy this unique oil in a foot bath rub this winter. Just take 1/3 of a cup Epsom salt and 3-5 drops each of cinnamon and rosemary oils!

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