Top Three Reasons to Give Oils this Mother’s Day

PROMOEssential oils offer long term emotional support

Essential oils offer log term physical support

Essential oils offer long term spiritual support

Sign your momma or baby momma up today and receive a free guide book to essential oils. Your gift will add her to a dedicated team of essential oil educators, estheticians and massage therapists with years of experience in the industry. We are a close knit team of momma entrepreneurs who are devoted to making the world a better place through our relationships, raising children and keeping the planet clean. We want to help you get started too!

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Mother’s Day Is All About The Love

newslettercover2Moms are a big deal here at Parkside. I am blessed to work with some of the coolest, most down to earth moms around. When schools closed for bad weather, and we all had to work, the kids came to work with us. We settled them in to the back room and it was business as usual. In fact on any given day you might find one of our “spa kids”helping guests.

I am convinced that these experiences and exchanges, when children see their moms running a biz and giving great service to clients, show children how resourceful, smart and talented women are. This helps foster self confidence in girls and respect in boys. Two concepts that seem to be fading out these days.

So to all the mommas, baby mommas and momma’s mommas , we salute you !