Practice Safe Sun

Sun damage is real. It can start out looking like a harmless freckle and become something sinister.

Protecting your skin from too much sun exposure is obviously the key to staying healthy. Sunburns and peeling cause deep damage to your skin on a cellular level and can permanently change the structure of your skin.

Take skin cancer out of the equation and there is still a big reason to stay safe in the sun. Here’s why, your looks! Do you want big splotchy brown patches on your cheeks and deep lines on your forehead?  No, but you want that tan don’t you?

Here is the Parkside approach to safe sun and vitamin D absorption, with the caveat that I am not a doctor, only an esthetician.

Early morning sun in the spring and summer , from 7 -10 am is a great way to get some natural Vitamin D and some color. The angle of the sun at that time of day does not point directly down on you like it does at noon. You can take advantage of that by getting sun without the burn risk.

Also, hydrate! Water is your skins best defense against dry patches and eczema. And finally, find a sunblock that you love one doe face, one for body. I recommend Aveeno for baby faces, and any hydrating sunblock that has low levels of alcohol.

So, this summer, wear protection and practice safe sun!




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