The ABC’s of Microneedling


Dyan, untouched and pictured above, on left from July 2016 and on right February 2017 after six microneedling treatments.


A 2015 study published by The International Journal of Dermatology confirmed that microneedling is in fact an effective way to achieve skin tightening. Collagen forms around the pore and plumps it, and because this treatment causes the skin to create collagen, pore size is reduced and the skin’s appearance becomes more youthful. Some experts even say that microneedling actually slows the aging process by causing the skin to thicken in response to the treatment. For more information on the cited article, check out or read



Because microneedling breaks up pigment without using heat, it is the ideal treatment for those of us with age spots from sunny days gone by. Melasma, which is what I had in the pictures above, is characterized by large brown spots and patches of discoloration. As you can see from my photos above, results are amazing. I had six treatments over the course of seven months, about once every four weeks, and used a combination of Vitiamin C and Hyaluronic Acid serums to penetrate the micro channels created by the needles.


Collagen Induction Therapy, which is microneedling, is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate, tighten and tone the skin. It is fast becoming the favored modality by skin care professionals because it is cost effective and delivers superior results. It can be used to correct a variety of skin issues such as scars, wrinkles, age spots and stretch marks. The results appear natural because the body’s own healing response is activated.


Forgiveness and Your Skin


Dyan Gabriel with two of her four boys,Valin and Ryland.

This new year started off rough for me. I wound up in the hospital with a chronic digestive disease that nearly killed me and I had been feeling awkward and unsettled for years due to a family fight that broke my heart.

Just prior to leaving on a trip to Atlanta, my frustration levels with the whole situation bubbled up and flowed over into a phone call that I started. After a very stressful few days, and a digestive sickness that left me distant, tired and aggravated, I had a breakthrough. I began to pray steadfastly asking God ,”What to do I do with this mess I can’t seem to let go of?”.

Shortly there after, the answer came in a clear voice, “Burry the hatchet”, it said. I knew it was a God thing and once I did just what he said, the relief poured over me like euphoria.

I instantly felt relaxed and content. A few weeks later , I was in the ER reeling in pain. I knew, right then, that my body was getting rid of resentments that I had carried since adolescence.

Yes, the hospital sucked, it’s true, but what I gained in this “purge” far outweighed the pain and the hospital bill. I was free, and the relief was palpable.

Experts say that there are four stages to forgiving a person. Moving through those phases is painful and often drawn out.  And while it is very important to go through your pain and process it in a healthy way,  holding a grudge hurts more than the offender.

Did you know that repressed anger sits deep in your cells and literally festers from the inside out? Studies have proven that those who hold grudges and refuse to move past old hurts have a much higher risk of systemic disease than those who can move through their pain and eventually past it.

Cortisol is a damaging hormone to the body that is heavily released in the body when the body is stressed. Unresolved issues cause stress. Stress leads to high blood pressure, heart problems and coincidentally, skin problems.

According to research done on the topic of forgiveness and health, it is stated that hostility towards the unforgiven leads to stress and a rise in cortisol . That being said, forgiveness,whether to yourself or others, is beneficial to overall health, including skin.

The pores of your skin can become clogged and irritated due to stress and all of its ugliness. Cortisol is known to cause breakouts, and stress in general keeps your body in a less efficient state, making it far more difficult for your skin to do what it needs to do.

We live in a polluted world with so many combatants, please consider doing yourself and your family a great service by letting go of the past, you will look and feel much healthier!
Forgiveness: Renunciation or cessation of resentment, indignation, or anger.

This synergystic blend of oils will help support emotional balance and feelings of peacefulness while you go through your process of healing and forgiving. The renewing aroma of Spruce, Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Arborviate, Nootka, Thyme and citronella will uplift your spirit and promote feelings of contentment and relief. It also counters feelings of negativity and guilt.


  • Diffuse while meditating to help release negative feelings
  • Apply to pulse points and heat throughout the day stay grounded and content
  • Keep a roller ball handy to use when dealing with conflict and stressful situations

The Essential Oil Facial


I started using doTERRA oils a few years ago when I was in esthetics school with amazing results. Lavender, Melaluca and Frankincense are my main staples and I also use a lot of Hawaiian Sandalwood , Roman Chamomile and Cedarwood. These oils have been proven effective in supporting variety of health issues as well as topical benefits to the skin such as: tightening, soothing, calming, and cellular turnover.

In my treatment room, I use a variety of these oils to enhance your facial. And with all the positive feedback I’ve been getting from clients, I decided to create an essential oil facial with steam.

Using steam to open pores, I then do a deep tissue facial massage with selected oils added into a deep exfoliating product to relieve congested skin and sinuses. Oils are added to the cleanser , exfoliator, and finishing moisturizers to create a healing facial that will have you glowing.

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