The Essential Oil Facial


I started using doTERRA oils a few years ago when I was in esthetics school with amazing results. Lavender, Melaluca and Frankincense are my main staples and I also use a lot of Hawaiian Sandalwood , Roman Chamomile and Cedarwood. These oils have been proven effective in supporting variety of health issues as well as topical benefits to the skin such as: tightening, soothing, calming, and cellular turnover.

In my treatment room, I use a variety of these oils to enhance your facial. And with all the positive feedback I’ve been getting from clients, I decided to create an essential oil facial with steam.

Using steam to open pores, I then do a deep tissue facial massage with selected oils added into a deep exfoliating product to relieve congested skin and sinuses. Oils are added to the cleanser , exfoliator, and finishing moisturizers to create a healing facial that will have you glowing.

Call for special pricing on this new service at 206-855-8193

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