Juicy Summer Highlights Made Easy

IMG_0300I Love it when my hair gets that sun kissed look in the summer. I’m a brunette, so my hair gets a bronzee look to it like a shinny penny.

What I love even more, is the fact that I can use all certified pure essential lemon oil, and some other basic ingredients,  to boost my natural highlights.

Its easy, all you need is a glass or stainless spray bottle, lemon essential oil and some lukewarm tap water. Give your mix a few gentle shakes and presto, you’re a colorist.

I add about 10 drops to my mix. If I’m feeling super fancy, I might add a bit of aloe vera gel or fractionated coconut oil. Adding these will moisturizer your hair and also help soothe scalp.

Of course , you always need to be careful with diluting oils and be certain to visit me at the link below to ensure that you’re getting the best oils available. Sustainable, socially responsible and fair to all farmers. Sourced in the country of origin , these oils are the best on earth I promise.



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