Melaleuca the Wonder Oil

Melaleuca can be added to shampoo to calm and soothe dry scalp. I use it weekly for softer hair and a conditioned scalp by just putting two drops into my cleanser and conditioner.

Melaluca lends itself well to which hazel. Add a few drops onto a cotton ball with which hazel to treat acne and clogged pores. It can make an exceptional aftershave for men and women.  After shaving, add a drop to aloe vera for a cool, clean feeling that will soothe the skin.

Melaleuca   has anti bacterial and anti viral properties that can protect open skin from infection. That’s why I always have a bottle in my medicine cabinet for scrapes, cuts, stings and burns.


IMG_0289Find more tips and uses for the wonder oil by clicking the link below. My site is dedicated to oils and their uses! Always buy pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

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