Spa Menu Prices for 2019



SPA FACIALS START AT $45 –I customize my spa facials to meet your needs, all of my clients receive thorough skin evaluations and targeted treatment options 

MICRODERMABRASION  $45 -This signature treatment is great for any skin type and is an economical way to keep your skin deeply exfoliated and healthy all year round leaving it beautiful, smooth and clear.

MICRONEEDLING $125- Collagen Induction Therapy is an intensive treatment that literally reverses dark spots and scars by breaking up pigment and causing new skin to grow. I use a native hylauronic acid that penetrates deep into the dermis to deliver fast , beautiful results.

DERMAPLAINING $25 – This unique service removes unwanted facial hair and dead skin cells resulting in a flawless smooth complexion and better product penetration.

CHEMICAL PEELS $50-All peels are natural and made with pure plant stem cells. Regular peels help reverse the aging process by boosting cell turn over rates. The results are stunning especially when combined with other treatments!


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