Spa Service in North Spokane

Why drive downtown and deal with crowds and parking meters when you can get a spa service in a safe , beautiful neighborhood with secured free parking?

Parkside Esthetics offers a full range of spa services including; microdermabrasion , microneedling, facials, chemical peels, dermaplaining and body waxing at great prices!

March not only brings springtime and better weather , it also brings great deals on skincare packages!

Book and appointment for a microneedling session for $125 and receive a free peel!

The results of a peel after microneedling are amazing! It rejuvenates and tightens the skin, boosts cell turnover, induces collagen production, minimizes fine lines and greatly improves skin tone.

Microneedling with Chemical Peels:

All Natural Lash Lifts:

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