Detox your skin and get ready for fall with a deeply exfoliating facial . . .

We incorporate a brush cleaner and double cleanse the skin then take it one step further with a microdermabrasion followed by a dermaplaining to rid the face of all unwanted hair and cellular build up-

Once the skin is clear of all dirt and oil, we add the appropriate exfoliant and use steam for product penetration-

A nutrient rich mask is then applied and massaged into the skin for maximum benefit-

Extractions are performed if needed and treatment towels are used to further relax the skin-

We finish with customized serums and an LED treatment to stimulate collagen and elastin production-

With all the toxins from wildfire smoke and free radicals, now is the perfect time to purge your body’s largest organ-

Let us pamper you while we detox your skin with high quality, organic skincare products-

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