Juicy Summer Highlights Made Easy

IMG_0300I Love it when my hair gets that sun kissed look in the summer. I’m a brunette, so my hair gets a bronzee look to it like a shinny penny.

What I love even more, is the fact that I can use all certified pure essential lemon oil, and some other basic ingredients,  to boost my natural highlights.

Its easy, all you need is a glass or stainless spray bottle, lemon essential oil and some lukewarm tap water. Give your mix a few gentle shakes and presto, you’re a colorist.

I add about 10 drops to my mix. If I’m feeling super fancy, I might add a bit of aloe vera gel or fractionated coconut oil. Adding these will moisturizer your hair and also help soothe scalp.

Of course , you always need to be careful with diluting oils and be certain to visit me at the link below to ensure that you’re getting the best oils available. Sustainable, socially responsible and fair to all farmers. Sourced in the country of origin , these oils are the best on earth I promise.




Want All Natural Pest Repellent That Works and Smells Good . . .

IMG_0286Did you know that certain trees and shrubs have naturally occurring pest repellent within their DNA?

Arborviate , Douglas Fir and Cedar all contain properties that protect themselves from infestations.

If you’d like to learn more about certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and how to incorporate them in to a healthy lifestyle that’s easy, I can show you how.

Of course, not all oils are  created the same so be sure to go to my website at

https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/parksideesthetics or feel free to email me at parksideesthetics@gmail.com

Top Three Reasons for Dermaplaining

I started doing dermaplaining over a year ago and now I can’t live without it. This unique service gently exfoliates the epidermis all while removing unwanted hair.

In a nut shell, this teatment significantly improves the texture and look of the skin right away just by removing all the peach fuzzy hairs around the face and jawline. Once the hair and  dead skin cells  are removed with a medical grade scalpel, those epensive serums you’re using will be 50% more effective. Why you ask? Because now your serum is able to go directly into the freshly treated skin.

Flawless makeup application is just one side benefit of this inexpensive service. Foundation and bronzer glide on and there is no feathering and flaking!

Continued cell turnover from the exfoliation helps keep skin hydrated and plumped. Don’t forget to maintain your treatments with in home care from Lira!



Sun Protection With Meaning

image If you struggle with breakouts, skin sensitivity or you just want your sunscreen to do more, consider using Lira.

I have been using Lira products and Peels for three years now and I am very excited to be able to offer this high performance sunscreen in my treatment room.

I am happy to order this product for you to include in your home care routine.