Skin Care To Go

When I’m on the road, I don’t like to neglect my skin care and health. I also don’t like to compromise on convenience while I travel. Having too many items in your bags is burdensome so narrowing down your must haves is important.

Here are my must haves and they each play an important role:

LAVENDER-Always along for the ride this oil keeps me calm while I’m rushing through the airports.

MELALUCA-This power player takes a place in my bag because it keeps my skin clear and bacteria free. If I’m on an extra long trip, I’ll dab some under my arms to keep me feeling clean.

BREATHE-I have respitory issues and allergies galore so this oil goes a long way in keeping my symptoms under control. I hate taking decongestants , they make me feel disconnected, so this oil is my best friend!

DIGESTZEN-I’m one of those girls that LOVES coffee, however, my tummy does not and since I’m not a quitter, coffee stays. I’ve improved my diet, and my yoga game but my stomach needs extra support so this blended oil is part of my daily health routine at home and on the road.

Last but not least, I pack my fractionated coconut oil and my plant based estrogen supplements. The coconut oil I use as my all over skin conditioner and carrier oil. The supplements help support hormone balance and mood.


It’s No Make Up Day at Parkside

IMG_0572I love no makeup days. I have lots of tips for women who want to look great without putting on makeup!

Brush out your brows with a mascara wand and add a a little Vaseline to keep them in the shape you want.

Use an eyelash curler and your mascara wand with a little Vaseline to keep the curls plump and in place.

You can add a little glowing highlight to your cheek bones by dabbing a bit of Vaseline around the tops and don’t forget to add a little gloss to your lips for a fuller, shinier look!

Brazilian Wax Special Pricing For New Clients

There are lots of reasons to keep your Brazilian wax going during the colder months!

Waxing regularly will retard the hair growth giving you a long lasting effect and more time between treatments.

Treatments are far less painful when you maintain them.

Who doesn’t want to look and feel sexy during the dreary winter months?

I use only cerepil beaded wax on my clients. This French made wax is far more gentle on the skin and makes for a much more comfortable wax.

New clients receive a $35 Brazilian! That’s 50% off . Come and see why my Brazilians  are quick, as comfortable as possible and long lasting!


Detoxifying Spa Facial with Pure Essential Oils

This special was created with Spokane in mind. With all of the smoke lately, it is even more important to take a little time to detox.
Remember, skin is the largest organ of the body, let me help you keep it healthy and beautiful.
This special includes an hour long detoxifying facial with massage and steam. See my instagram post for details and special low pricing!

End of Summer Special

This special won’t be around much longer!

Find out how you can get three treatments each including : a dermabrasion, a micro needling and a peel all done at once for maximum results. This treatment is for all skin types and will cause collagen induction,  and rapid cell turnover. This enables new skin to grow over deep wrinkles, brown spots and acne scars.

This package of three separate treatments each including all three services mentioned is only $350 normally $600.

Don’t miss out on this amazing skin treatment . This price is good until September 21st ,the last day of summer!

This is my personal before and after pictures. I did six of the these treatments and was able to practically erase the cloud of melasma on my cheek.


Melaleuca the Wonder Oil

Melaleuca can be added to shampoo to calm and soothe dry scalp. I use it weekly for softer hair and a conditioned scalp by just putting two drops into my cleanser and conditioner.

Melaluca lends itself well to which hazel. Add a few drops onto a cotton ball with which hazel to treat acne and clogged pores. It can make an exceptional aftershave for men and women.  After shaving, add a drop to aloe vera for a cool, clean feeling that will soothe the skin.

Melaleuca   has anti bacterial and anti viral properties that can protect open skin from infection. That’s why I always have a bottle in my medicine cabinet for scrapes, cuts, stings and burns.


IMG_0289Find more tips and uses for the wonder oil by clicking the link below. My site is dedicated to oils and their uses! Always buy pure therapeutic grade essential oils.