Micro Dermabrasion is a Great Way to Keep Skin Healthy

Getting regular micro dermabrasion treatments is a superior way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. When you keep your skin professionally exfoliated, you give it a chance to breath. Every day our skin falls victim to free radicals, pollution and dust. When this debris collects on the skin, it settles into pores causing them to become clogged and stretched. Over time, this causes the pore to become larger and fine lines to become more visible.

Regular treatments in a series of at least three, three or four times a year, is a must for age management and overall skin health. For those who suffer from acne, regular micro derm treatments can manage breakouts, reduce inflammation and prevent scarring.

Parkside Esthetics offers lots of great package deals on micro dermabrasion. I have current specials on 3, 6, and 9 treatments. Call for special pricing over the holidays!

Gift cards make great stocking stuffers ! ALL WOMEN LOVE SPA TREATMENTS!!!!

Deal Expires 12/31/16


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